Transfluid fluid couplings

Fluid Couplings

Transfluid Fluid Couplings are used on all types of industrial equipment driven by internal combustion engines up to 2,300 kW. By transmitting power through a fluid, they improve overall performance and protect both driving and driven machines. Some typical applications are: farm and airport tractors, lift trucks, dumpers, loaders, concrete mixers, fire trucks, road sweeping machines, gear pumps, wood chippers, etc.

K Series Constant Fill Fluid Coupling 
Constant fill for electric motors
and combustion engines.
With pulley or in-line.
With or without delay fill chamber.
Power up to 2.500 kW.

KSL Variable Fill Fluid Coupling 
Variable speed drive with electronic regulation.
Power up to 4.000 kW.



KPTO Variable Fill Fluid Coupling
      For internal combustion engines. 
Power up to1000 kw.

KPTB Variable Fill Fluid Coupling 
For electric motors. Start up or variable speed drive.
Power up to 1.700 kW.

HFO - HFR Power Take-off
Power up to 1300 kW

RBD Flexible Coupling
With rubber blocks.
Coupling between combustion engines
and pumps, compressors or generators. 
Torques up to 16.000 Nm.

SH - SHC Clutch
Torques up to 2.500 Nm

SL Spring Loaded Brake
Torques up to 9.000 Nm.

Revermatic Transmission

With hydrodynamic torque converter, one speed forward and one speed reverse power shift, electric selector, max power 70 kW.

SKF Constant Fill Fluid Coupling
Constant fill for combustion engines. 
Tight flywheel mounted.

KFBD Constant Fill Fluid Coupling
Constant fill. Power up to 500 kW.

TPO - TPH Air Clutch 
Torques up to 14.000 Nm.


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