DF150 | Powershift Transmission

DF150 Powershift Transmission
  • Max input power: 112 kW (150 hp)
  • Max input no load speed: 3000 rpm
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Net input power (max)

112 kW (150 hp)

Input no load speed (max) 3000 rpm
Converter stall torque (max) 1288 Nm (950 lb-ft)
Engine net peak torque (max) 759 Nm (560 lb-ft) direct drive


General Data 



Input Counterclockwise
Output (forward gears) counterclockwise Forward, same as input Reverse, opposite input 500 mm (19.68 in) drop
Approximate dry weight 567 kg (1250 lb)
Mounting Engine, midship, or remote
Speeds 4F/4R
Remote-mounted DFR The front housing of our DF150 and DF250 products is our DFR engine-mounted PTO, which can also be purchased as a stand-alone product. The DFR mounts to the engine and can be used to power the transmission, as well as a variety of external equipment.


Pump Drives 

Rotation (viewing drive pad) Counterclockwise
Ratio (engine speed to pump speed) 0.947:1 or 0.837:1
Mounting and spline size SAE A, B, or C
Disconnect available for mounting size SAE C
Power (max intermittent) 149 kW (200 hp)
Power (max continuous) 52 kW (70 hp)