56000 Five, Five Deep Sump | Pump Drive

56000 Five, Five Deep Sump
  • Max input power: 708 kW (950 hp)
  • Max input torque: 2712 Nm (2000 lb-ft)
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Ratings (*Clutch-rating Dependent)

Max input power*

708 kw (950 hp)

Max output power (per pump pad) 522 kw (700 hp)
Max input torque* 2712 Nm (2000 lb-ft)
Max output torque 2034 Nm (1500 lb-ft)
Max input/output speed 2500 rpm


General Data (*NOTE: Engine side pump mounts on models 565LXXP and 565LXXC may be limited due to interference with adapter house and/or engine component)



Gear centers  
Approximate dry weight 263-475 kg (580-1044 lb)
Pump rotation Enginewise*
Flywheel covers SAE 0, 1, or 2
Nominal clutch size  
Oil capacity  
Oil type JDM J20C specification
MIL-L-2015C or API classification GL-5