Employee Directory

Tim Malloy

Vice President, General Manager


Troy Kaney

Vice President, Sales Manager

Jeff Hebbert

North Dakota and South Datoka

Steve Korum


David Martin


Brian Mezera

Select Accounts


Andrew Snyder

Operations Manager

Ben Frakes

Application Engineer

Eric Matuska

Application Engineer

Jason Schmid

Application Engineer

Justin Stoner

Application Engineer

Production and Service

Aaron Poland

Production / Service Manager

Matt Morrell

Production / Service Support

Jeremy Sandvig

Service Technician

Casey Shelton

Service Technician

Scott Vorel

Service Technician

Mike Wagner

Service Support

Riley Wendt

Service Technician

Matt Williams

Service Technician

Purchasing and Order Fulfillment

Steve Martley

Purchasing / Order Fulfillment Manager

Frankie Castro

Shipping / Receiving

Carla Muhlbauer

Purchasing Coordinator

Jeff Soseman

Purchasing / Order Fulfillment


Becky Leer


Dan Carney

IT Manager

Gina Flowers

Office Manager